How Long Should a Digital Detox Last?

A digital detox is where you decide to part company with as many of your digital gadgets as you can cope with. Ideally all of them but if this is the first time you’ve done this and you’re nervous even at the thought of it then maybe just one or two.

We’ll look at some manageable ways to do a digital detox – none of the suggestions here will throw you into the wilderness and I’m not going to suggest turning yourself into a hermit. But they do involve some relatively small, hopefully manageable, changes to the way you interact with technology.

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How Long Does it Take to Change a Bad Habit?

Habits are things we do, almost on auto-pilot. Some of them are good – cleaning your teeth on a regular basis, eating healthily at least most of the time, that kind of thing. But others are definitely less good – smoking, drinking too much, the list goes on.

If you believe most self help books and sites, you’ll have been told that it takes 21 days to break a habit or form a new one.

That’s kind-of true but – as with most things in real life – your mileage may vary and you might kick a habit faster or slower – let’s take a deeper look.

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How Do You Reinvent Yourself Personally?

Reinventing yourself is something that crosses a lot of people’s minds.

Sometimes it’s called a mid-life crisis. Sometimes it’s after a significant change in your life. Or it could be one of a million and one other reasons.

We’re not like Dr Who, so we can’t regenerate into a completely new look (even plastic surgeons can’t do that completely) but there are things we can do to reinvent ourselves either partially or completely.

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How To Get Out of a Scarcity Mindset

If you take the time to look around you, you’ll find that scarcity isn’t normal. Nature takes over if we don’t stop it. Natural resources may be limited in theory but rarely in practice as when something gets scarce, the price goes up and more resources are found.

Sure, eventually, we’ll need to get better at recycling or using alternatives but to suggest things are scarce is generally either scaremongering or a way to push sales – we all fall for the “must end soon” pleas of shops. Travel sites have been told off for using false scarcity but seem to manage to work their way round the regulations (allegedly!)

So why does our mind still retreat to a scarcity mindset at the first opportunity and – more importantly – what can you do to turn it round so that it focuses on the abundance that’s everywhere?

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How to Remove Fear of Failure

Most of us experience times when we’re worried about failing. It could be exams at school or something at work or just a combination of things that life has thrown at us, just when we least expected them to occur.

Sometimes the fear of failure is a very real fear but, more often, it’s something that we allow to dwell in our mind often enough that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, even though we’re actually perfectly capable of succeeding rather than failing.

Follow these simple ideas to quell your fear of failure and start succeeding more often.

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What Does Body Language Tell Us?

Our body language is the sum of all the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) signs that we give out all the time. Spies and spooks are trained to not give anything away. Poker players do their level best not to have any “tells”. The list goes on.

Whether we like it or not, there are always these signs going on with us and with everyone we meet.

If you’ve ever had a gut reaction about someone that you couldn’t quite pin down, that’s almost certainly you reading their body language.

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How to Be a Problem Solver in Life

You can become a great problem solver in many areas of your life. Business to personality and can also help relieve stress. When you understand and know how to solve problems confidently, you will immediately feel the weight off your shoulders. Accepting challenges and dealing well with stressful situations will be comfortable with just a few steps. Here are some tips on how to be a problem solver in life.

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